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I’m sorry pictures are so slow in the coming! Until then, here’s a shot of Kampala from the top of Kololo Hill, where I am staying.  See why it’s called the Garden City? Advertisements

Week 1

Remember that one scene from The Namesake movie where Kal Penn’s character goes for a run somewhere in archetypal India, and runs into a cow or a holy man or something and then gets chased by a bunch of confused Indians? Yeah. Color that me. Kind of. I mean, yes, yeah, I don’t run often, […]

Boda Boda Boda Boda

Some days I think I’m becoming my mother. There was a time when I thought riding a motorcycle or vespa-like scooter to and from work into oncoming traffic would be the coolest thing EVER. But as soon as I got to the office and started trying to work this morning, I noticed that my arms […]


One of my classmates (who had worked in Kampala last summer) sent me long list of things to do while in Uganda. Among those were to eat as many pineapples and avocados as possible. And I’m thinking – right, tropical region + tropical fruits = delicious. What an understatement. The family with whom I’m staying […]

Baby Went to Amsterdam… actually just to the airport.

WHY does it seem like long-haul flights are increasingly painful each time I do it? I was so tempted to get out and walk around Amsterdam during my layover, but a little part of mind wished I was in Europe for the summer. Flashback to memories of exploring Amsterdam with Akhila and Linda… le sigh. […]

Leaving on a jet plane

So today I leave for Kampala.  And despite supposedly being a well-seasoned traveler, I’m still having terrible travel anxiety.  Haven’t slept all night and I’m so terrified that I’ll be THAT girl with too much luggage.  But at the same time, I want to take everything with me! This is scary! S omeone tell me […]