Baby Went to Amsterdam… actually just to the airport.

WHY does it seem like long-haul flights are increasingly painful each time I do it? I was so tempted to get out and walk around Amsterdam during my layover, but a little part of mind wished I was in Europe for the summer. Flashback to memories of exploring Amsterdam with Akhila and Linda… le sigh. But I didn’t! I got back on that plane made it to Kampala, safe and sound. ILI sent someone to pick me up from the airport and take me to our family friend’s home, in Kololo. Not gonna lie, having a family here, and the program’s assistance definitely helped with the whole ‘holy moly i’m in AFRICA’ part.

Part of what’s terrifying is the only two things I really knew about Uganda before coming were horror stories about Idi Amin’s reign and Joseph Kony.
That, and Nairobi is a dangerous place.
But what I learned today: Kampala is no Nairobi, it’s significantly safer. Idi Amin is history now, and the country has come such a long way since then. And I political unrest associated with Kony’s legacy is more or less confined to the North. A dutch businessman on the plane told me that I should consider looking for work abroad, even in Kigali, that my skills and education are more valuable there. Hmm. Perhaps I should START my internship before I entertain such ideas.

But now that the travelling part is over — Kampala is just beautiful. We walked around Kololo Hill today, gawking at the ambassadors’ residences, and got a wonderful view of the rest of the city. There’s a jackfruit and an avocado tree outside the house, and today I had freeze-squeezed passionfruit juice and mangos. Mmm keep the tropical fruits coming!


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