Monthly Archives: June 2012

Midsummer but not quite.

One important lesson I learned in primary school (and from watching Pocahontas): when you stick a flag on something and then lay a symbol of your country on it, you have claimed that land in the name of your country! By that measure, I have been colonized in the name of Ghana! Oy.  Today was […]

Tugende! (“We go!”)

What is that Jhumpa Lahiri said about being an immigrant – something about ploughing or casting roots into unaccustomed earth? Except I don’t really know how hard to dig in order to plant myself here.  No idea.  Today I’m exhausted from running again, free of cat-calls and hecklers.  But unless it was because of the […]

Hodge Podge

Things are starting to feel more normal, more routine-like.  I have a new boda-boda, Charles.  He’s on time and has awesome sunglasses. New Luganda words: “webale nnyabo” or “webale sebo” to say “thank you very much.”  ‘nnyabo’ is kind of like, “ma’am” and ‘sebo’ like, “sir.” I propose a new rule: that if media outlet […]

Week 2

Dear friends and family, I am living proof that you CAN in fact, tan even while wearing sunscreen.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.  Don’t believe me? Ask to see my farmer’s tan.  After the surprise sunburn incident of March 2012 (recap: my first ever sunburn – After spending the day in the sun, […]