During our lunch break yesterday, some co-workers and I stopped by one of the Watoto orphanages.  One my fellow interns knew a volunteer there, who invited him to visit and to learn more about volunteering with them.  We visited their baby hospital in the center of town, where they keep mostly children under 2, many of whom were special needs babies and preterm babies, and it was heartbreaking how very tiny they were.  However, I was impressed with their facilities and resources, and look forward to learning more about the organisation.

Mommy, Roseann – I’m always impressed by how much patience your work requires, how heartbreaking it can be, and how lucky I am to have you two close, for if I have children one day.  Many women are not so fortunate.

On the way there and back though, I found my namesake hotel! Awkward blue shading courtesy of Instagram-fail and being caught in the rain.

Ruch & Hotel Ruch



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  1. Most cultures have a whole lot of fun rituals when a baby is born – whether it is the christening in a church, or the namkaran (naming ceremony) that is done by the aunt. Culturally, it is to alert the young parents that you are not in this alone, and to let the “village” take a part in raising the child. This is such a challenging job, you do need a team to support the process – – – – –

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