I give you my heart.

Starry starry mbuya.

Just because I’m the lame friend among our group of interns here doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Kampala’s truly excellent nightlife from time to time.  Above is Kampala, as seen from our director’s home in Mbuya.  On a clear day, you can see all the way to Lake Victoria.  Sooo… what do I need to do to get a view like this? Whatever it is, I’m in.

Youtube hates me here, but here’s a list of the songs that get stuck in my head after late nights out, blasting on the street (courtesy of the Uganda Telecomm shop nearby), straining car stereos, etc:

Jaguar – Kigeugeu
Jacky Chandiru – Gold Digger
CoCo Finger – Don’t Break My Heart
Wyre-Sina – Makosa
Madtraxx ft. Red Republik – Skamaress
Madtraxx – Get Down
P Square Ft. Akon & May D – Chop My Money
Keko ft. MAdtraxx – Make You Dance
Erup – Click mi Finger
Angela Kalule – Katikitiki


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