Murchison Falls

At the Top of the Falls, Murchison Falls National Park. Photo taken for me by fellow traveler & coworker.

This weekend, after 3 months in Uganda, I FINALLY went for a game drive (slash safari) up in Murchison Falls national park.  No lions (or any cats), but plenty of other animals were spotted, and I enjoyed hiking a number of truly impressive waterfalls– even to a self-proclaimed waterfall snob raised on semi-annual pilgrimages to Niagara Falls.

Giraffs, Water Buffalo, Hippos, Nile Crocodile, and Elephants!

Amazingly, the Murchison Adventure was probably the least adventurous trip I’ve had in Uganda. Everything went smoothly, with no mishaps, misdirections, or warthog attacks. And apart from the oppressive heat and incredibly tasteless food (it appears that the tour company catered exclusively to British tourists. I was hurting for some chapati, gnuts, and avocado all weekend), it was all in all, a very relaxing trip, and a lovely way to kick-off my last week in Uganda.

Sunrise over the Nile.

How beautiful is this place? My heart aches already…



  1. I have seen pictures like these in the National Geographic, can’t believe that it is actually you taking them. Uneventful is good – – –

    1. Good yes, but no fun! Well there was one small adventure, but I wasn’t part of it.

  2. So beautiful Ruchi!! No big deal that you saw elephants, hippos, giraffes, etc. in their natural habitat!!! Haha.

    1. I think maybe when you see so many antelope and hippos, and hear so many stories about lions, cheetahs, and kills, your sense of “ordinary” kind of shifts a bit, haha. Uganda has spoiled me 🙂

  3. Marisol · · Reply

    Roach! Those are amazing pictures! I bet zoos are going to be so boring to you now 😛

    1. Haha maybe. But giraffes never fail to make me happy. MISS YOU SO MUCH! And see you so soon!

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