Even though I’…

Even though I’ve been back in Ohio for a month, and even though I’m now neck deep in law-school work (new clients! new projects! classwork! and a permanent job search!), I still miss Uganda like a heartache, the way I missed London (and still do, in many ways).  I still feel like there’s some things I left unfinished.  And I miss the pieces of the life I just started building there, even for such a short period of time.

Despite FALLING OFF a (moving) boda-boda, which left a nasty scar and thankfully little else in the way of injury, I miss MY boda-boda driver.

I miss Ugandan chapati, different from Indian chapati/roti/parathas, and fresh Rolex on the street.


I miss being involved with an organization I believed in, and my coworkers there, and the other law students with whom I explored, traveled, adventured, worked, and befriended.  The ones who woke me up when I fell asleep in court, and kept watch when we needed to take short-calls in the bush, and sought out new restaurants to try and bars to frequent, and shared sunscreen et. al. on trips where bathing was at a premium.


I miss the music, and the nights out.  Although I imagine my Uganda playlist is still a work in progress, I think this is more or less the completed project: in Youtube playlist form.  Can you imagine, every time we were out dancing, and heard a song, we’d whip out a pen and a swatch of paper, frantically write down as many lyrics as we could decipher, all while dancing.

Finally, and most significantly, I miss my host family.  It takes incredible sort of people to open up their home to a perfect stranger, and their unbelievable kindness was a significant part of my experience in Kampala.  I miss them dearly – the Hindi serials, the dessert and milkshake runs and Ethiopian dinners, the craft projects and walks around Kololo, the lazy Sunday afternoons and learning salsa dancing in the hallway, and playing with the neighbors, even the early morning Hinduism lessons.

So, even though I’m back in Ohio, I’ll see if I can sporadically keep this blog going — perhaps more-Cleveland or law school or law-focused, or little memories as I think of them. And perhaps, one day, when I’m not running around defending victims of consumer protection violations, I’ll finally add some concluding notes on the many, many lessons I learned while working in Kampala.


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