Monthly Archives: October 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn

What’s the best way to keep wanderlust at bay?  Mini-trips!  This weekend, I went down to Cincinnati for some much-needed family time.  My aunt and grandmother were in town.  Between voting and traipsing around Hamilton County (including my own parents’ backyard!), it was a wonderful break. Whoever said New England was the place to go […]

50 years and counting…

Happy Independence Day, Uganda! Between the crowd of black, red, and yellow from this June, and the crested crane, it’s kind of like the flag, personified! Kind of.  Celebration 50 years of Independence! Wish I could be in Kampala to join in the fun…

Half the Air in a Given Space

Martin Creed, Work No. 965: Half the Air in a Given Space -Cleveland Museum of Art This is exactly what it looks like – a glass space (half) full of balloons.  But it’s so very much more than that.  The New York Times says (from a similar exhibition in 2007), “Being in this gallery is […]