Half the Air in a Given Space

Martin Creed, Work No. 965: Half the Air in a Given Space -Cleveland Museum of Art

This is exactly what it looks like – a glass space (half) full of balloons.  But it’s so very much more than that.  The New York Times says (from a similar exhibition in 2007), “Being in this gallery is startlingly delicious. The balloons yield to every move. It’s like skinny dipping, or swimming with dolphins, or deep-sea diving, except you can breathe. It must also be similar to floating in an antigravity chamber, except for all the shifting, weightless jewel-like orbs of blue.”  And the soft rustling of the balloons as you shift through the gallery sounds like the ocean.  I think I get it now – the art is not the aesthetics of it, but the feelings that result from the experience of being IN the balloons, a tangible representation of the air around me.  That, and it was really fun.  Like being in a giant, grown-up IKEA ball pit.


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