Election Day, 2012

Me and Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

As I’m sitting here, waiting for PRESIDENT OBAMA to give his victory speech, I’ll be honest – like many Americans (and others around the world), I’m genuinely happy about tonight’s election results. I’m also particularly thrilled to be part of history – my beloved Ohio, per usual, went the way of the election. As did the district I voted in. I’m delighted to see Tammy Baldwin in Congress, and I’m delighted at the number of states that legalized gay marriage. In the twilight of a divisive and hostile campaign season, I respect the grace with which former Governor Romney conducted and conceded this election. And I hope the way forward is paved with progress and cooperation over toxic rhetoric.

But most of all, I’m delighted, and ever so grateful, to live in, and be a citizen of a country where my voice and my vote, mattered. That I have the privilege of KNOWING that I was one of the 208,508 voters in my district who ultimately determined the future of our country. Each election, I am reminded how important the rights I take for granted are.
So, Here’s to the next four years, to a strong economic recovery, to the hope of peace and prosperity, and may we remember to put “people before the politics.” Gov. Mitt Romney.


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