‘Tis the Season….

Thanksgiving (now long past) has never been a large holiday in my family, and seeing as I spent Diwali–big holiday for Hindus–in court, in the library, and in bed, I’m a little less than thrilled thinking about potatoes and pies conspiring to force me down that final spiral towards monsterdom.  It IS in fact, finals season.  I couldn’t help but feel like this when I hear about other people’s Thanksgiving celebrations because this was my Thanksgiving (see books above).

Actually I’m lying a little on that last part.  But only a little.  A former roommate graciously adopted me for Thanksgiving dinner, for which I am extraordinarily grateful.  The standard Turkey and gravy made an appearance, along with vegetarian stuffing, three varieties of cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, curried fruit cocktail, mashed potatoes with gouda, pumpkin cake, pecan pies, mmm…  I indulged in a few hours of food, Christmas ale, and James Bond marathon-in before quietly giving thanks and taking leave.


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