January 2013

[Above: Walking to school in lake effect snow at 7 a.m.  Temperature is 7 degrees F.  Windchill is somewhere below 0 F.  Below: Old-fashioned cash register at Literary in Tremont, trendy (ikea-inspired?) decor at Felice on Larchmere]

Its no secret that lawyers are voracious readers.  It’s also no secret that graduate students are prolific procrastinators, well-versed in the ways of the internet.  As a law student, still struggling to snap out of my wedding-planning induced coma, I’ve noticed that the demise of my clock radio has fueled a new excuse to indulge in my daily assortment of blog and news-type leisure reading.  What starts as a well-meaning attempt to follow the news quickly devolves into a potent-but-bipolar research vortex.  One article leads to another, and another, and soon, I’ve spent an hour of study time learning about lobster life cycles, the science of acoustics in large venues, and why elavil, an older antidepressant, is sometimes prescribed for pain.

The sub-zero temperatures and lake effect snow has tempered my desire to escape this vortex.  But sometimes, on days like these, a little escapism and a serious bop on the reset button is all I need.  Here are my diversions from law for the week:

  1. This reminds me a little of that challenge in Project Runway Season 8, where each contestant designed a print which was then used to create a custom-printed fabric.  I love that such technology and innovation is accessible to us mortals (but still priced well-outside my range).  Maybe everyday bespoke is the future of fashion?  
  2. A sweet story about Google Calendar.  Studying Wills, Trusts and Estates at 8 am means I’m thinking a lot about my aging parents these days, and I’d be lying if I denied that this story has me thinking about how my sister and I will care for our parents  in the future.
  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s tired of this whole “instagramming my dinner” trend.
  4. A glimpse of normal people’s Berlin apartments, from above, looks like high class interior design.  Something about these photos are so compelling.  And I promise its not because I’m a voyeur.

And of course, a few law-related pieces things have lured me away from my brief-writing and researching.  But these are fun law-related things I promise!

  1. Alan Blinder, tell it to me straight: “One of the ways to kill something in Washington these days is to say it’s like TARP. Among other things this makes me worried about what will happen the next time we have a financial crisis.”
  2. Everyone hates/loves their editors.  Everyone hates/loves their lawyers.  How do the two get along?
  3. Last October, I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Mary Jo White on the FCPA, prosecuting terrorism, her career trajectory.  She was brilliant and inspiring, and she so graciously took time to answer my questions afterwards.  I’m excited to hear about her new position at the helm of the SEC.  Mary Jo White, consider yourself on my list of heroes.

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