Summer in Ohio

My mother tells me that only babies with soiled diapers like change. No wonder, then, that the changes in the last week have worn my nerves raw! In the last week, I graduated from law school, argued in front of the 8th Dist. Court of Appeals in Ohio, moved back to Cincinnati, and started bar classes. One week ago, I lived in a community of young professionals in a city I learned to love over the course of 7 years. Today, I’m back in the home where I grew up, in a city that has become stranger to me than Kampala.

I never thought I’d come to love the “mistake on the lake” as much as I do. But as I slowly find my way around Cincinnati, I can’t help but feel homesick for my little corner of the Rustbelt. Until we meet again, Cleveland.



  1. I’ve now lived in Utah for seven years and only lived in Cincinnati for ten. Isn’t that weird?? I still refuse to call Utah home though….. way too many weirdos out here haha Great pics of Cleveland. Miss you.

    1. Miss you too, Stella! I mostly forced myself to love Cleveland. Here’s how you do it: pick your favourite place (London, D.C., New York, etc.) Then find all the stuff in your city (Cleveland) that reminds you of it. Then find all the stuff that’s BETTER in your city. And ignore all the stuff that isn’t.

      I can’t believe you live in Utah though! So far! But it looks beautiful 🙂

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