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Hello hello! I’m R and I started this blog to chronicle my law school summer spent NOT at a swank firm, but working at an AWESOME NGO building legal capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.  And somehow, scrounging together pennies to stretch my grant money as far as possible.  I don’t intend to speak as an authority on Uganda, East Africa, or anything I perceived there.  Rather, this blog was/is solely to share my impressions and adventures (possibly misadventures) with family and friends. And the odd passerby.  Somewhere along the way, it turned into a catch-all of things I read, places I love, and anything that strikes my fancy.

These days, I’m based in Ohio viewing my own space through a traveler’s eyes, struggling with the millennial experience, and aching for the opportunity to once again become an expat.

living in Kampala
I’ve categorized entries based on location, so if you’re looking for stories or pictures from Uganda, they should be easy to navigate.  All photographs are my mine, unless I’m in them or have indicated otherwise.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. tonyroland · · Reply

    thank you for shareing your adventures, I was looking for information about life there and your blog was very informative

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