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Inauguration Day, 2013.

Four years ago, in a dark, dirty university cafeteria in London, my friends and I watched excitedly as President Barack Obama was sworn into office. That historic moment was a personal triumph for me, as well as a triumph for this country — it was in fact the first election I had voted in, albeit […]

on writing about Africa (my 2 cents)

Recently, I’ve been missing my Uganda host family very much, pulling my thoughts back to Kampala.  The first time I built a life abroad on my own, I was in London.  I mostly brought back mostly stories of tourism, street fashion, and funny anecdotes about my day-to-day.  Because everyone knows what London is, was, and […]

Christmas in the Wedding House (Indian Wedding Pt. 2)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Normally, Christmas at my parents’ home is a small affair (I do look forward to mom’s yearly gift of funky knee socks, matching underwear, and dish-washing gloves.) From time to time, we gather our extended family in one place and herd them towards a movie theatre. This takes serious cowboy-like skills, which […]

Election Day, 2012

As I’m sitting here, waiting for PRESIDENT OBAMA to give his victory speech, I’ll be honest – like many Americans (and others around the world), I’m genuinely happy about tonight’s election results. I’m also particularly thrilled to be part of history – my beloved Ohio, per usual, went the way of the election. As did […]

Half the Air in a Given Space

Martin Creed, Work No. 965: Half the Air in a Given Space -Cleveland Museum of Art This is exactly what it looks like – a glass space (half) full of balloons.  But it’s so very much more than that.  The New York Times says (from a similar exhibition in 2007), “Being in this gallery is […]

Even though I’…

Even though I’ve been back in Ohio for a month, and even though I’m now neck deep in law-school work (new clients! new projects! classwork! and a permanent job search!), I still miss Uganda like a heartache, the way I missed London (and still do, in many ways).  I still feel like there’s some things […]

Baby Went to Amsterdam… actually just to the airport.

WHY does it seem like long-haul flights are increasingly painful each time I do it? I was so tempted to get out and walk around Amsterdam during my layover, but a little part of mind wished I was in Europe for the summer. Flashback to memories of exploring Amsterdam with Akhila and Linda… le sigh. […]