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10 Things I’m Doing While Studying for the Bar

The worst part about my chosen field is that I constantly have to remind people, I’m funny, gosh darn. Maybe, fine, only law students get my humor. Maybe only my friends, those used to my particular brand of bizarre, get my humor. But when Bitter Lawyer posted Ten Things You Will Do While Studying for […]

Slowly going batty 19 miles north of Cincinnati….

Is it normal to feel nostalgic for graduate school once its over, in spite of the tears, stress, and physical injuries I endured while there? This bar study process makes law school feel like a wonderful adventure — I even miss the sterile smell of the library, the familiar faces congregating on the bridge, and […]

Happy New Year!!! (Indian Wedding Pt. 4)

Happy New Year!! And welcome 2013!  I celebrated with my family on Sunday night by throwing a huuuuuuge party, one we’ve been planning for almost a year now.  Oh, and my sister happened to get married too. See how excited she is? She’s supposed to be meditating and praying for her husband’s long life in […]

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali (Indian Wedding pt. 3)

What I love most about weddings are the constant reminders of how much love there is in the world. Our house is full of family: 3 aunts, 3 uncles, 2 cousins, 1 grandma, and a whole contingent of our family friends from Canada. Each day, a new group of loved ones arrive and it’s overwhelming […]

Christmas in the Wedding House (Indian Wedding Pt. 2)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Normally, Christmas at my parents’ home is a small affair (I do look forward to mom’s yearly gift of funky knee socks, matching underwear, and dish-washing gloves.) From time to time, we gather our extended family in one place and herd them towards a movie theatre. This takes serious cowboy-like skills, which […]

Election Day, 2012

As I’m sitting here, waiting for PRESIDENT OBAMA to give his victory speech, I’ll be honest – like many Americans (and others around the world), I’m genuinely happy about tonight’s election results. I’m also particularly thrilled to be part of history – my beloved Ohio, per usual, went the way of the election. As did […]

Turn, Turn, Turn

What’s the best way to keep wanderlust at bay?  Mini-trips!  This weekend, I went down to Cincinnati for some much-needed family time.  My aunt and grandmother were in town.  Between voting and traipsing around Hamilton County (including my own parents’ backyard!), it was a wonderful break. Whoever said New England was the place to go […]