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Summer in Ohio

My mother tells me that only babies with soiled diapers like change. No wonder, then, that the changes in the last week have worn my nerves raw! In the last week, I graduated from law school, argued in front of the 8th Dist. Court of Appeals in Ohio, moved back to Cincinnati, and started bar […]

Study Break

I haven’t been writing much lately, but in my defense, this last semester of law school has gone by faster than anything I remember. Between my very last semester of law school and a particularly painful wisdom tooth extraction, I’ve kept busy. But, coming off a terrible week in U.S. and world news, and my […]

George Eastman House in Rochester, NY

As a Cleveland transplant, I’ve learned to really love post-industrial cities.  Except when driving through an unfamiliar part of town, following directions mandating a “slight left at the lights” and the road signs at the lights look something like below: Thank you, Cleveland, for occasionally being utterly impossible to navigate.  So, Valentine’s Day weekend, I […]


[Above: Walking to school in lake effect snow at 7 a.m.  Temperature is 7 degrees F.  Windchill is somewhere below 0 F.  Below: Old-fashioned cash register at Literary in Tremont, trendy (ikea-inspired?) decor at Felice on Larchmere] Its no secret that lawyers are voracious readers.  It’s also no secret that graduate students are prolific procrastinators, […]


The thing is, sometimes I like finals season. This sounds crazy, but it means I can listen to classical Christmas music for hours on end (whatup, Handel & Mozart!)  It also means that holiday decor brightens up my little city, and it’s such a treat to see Cleveland light up beautifully.  It IS such a […]

‘Tis the Season….

Thanksgiving (now long past) has never been a large holiday in my family, and seeing as I spent Diwali–big holiday for Hindus–in court, in the library, and in bed, I’m a little less than thrilled thinking about potatoes and pies conspiring to force me down that final spiral towards monsterdom.  It IS in fact, finals […]

Election Day, 2012

As I’m sitting here, waiting for PRESIDENT OBAMA to give his victory speech, I’ll be honest – like many Americans (and others around the world), I’m genuinely happy about tonight’s election results. I’m also particularly thrilled to be part of history – my beloved Ohio, per usual, went the way of the election. As did […]