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on writing about Africa (my 2 cents)

Recently, I’ve been missing my Uganda host family very much, pulling my thoughts back to Kampala.  The first time I built a life abroad on my own, I was in London.  I mostly brought back mostly stories of tourism, street fashion, and funny anecdotes about my day-to-day.  Because everyone knows what London is, was, and […]

50 years and counting…

Happy Independence Day, Uganda! Between the crowd of black, red, and yellow from this June, and the crested crane, it’s kind of like the flag, personified! Kind of.  Celebration 50 years of Independence! Wish I could be in Kampala to join in the fun…

Even though I’…

Even though I’ve been back in Ohio for a month, and even though I’m now neck deep in law-school work (new clients! new projects! classwork! and a permanent job search!), I still miss Uganda like a heartache, the way I missed London (and still do, in many ways).  I still feel like there’s some things […]

Murchison Falls

This weekend, after 3 months in Uganda, I FINALLY went for a game drive (slash safari) up in Murchison Falls national park.  No lions (or any cats), but plenty of other animals were spotted, and I enjoyed hiking a number of truly impressive waterfalls– even to a self-proclaimed waterfall snob raised on semi-annual pilgrimages to […]

Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera

The more time I spend in Uganda, adapting to Ugandan culture, the more I think about India, and what exactly it means to be an Indian-American expat (as opposed to American Indian?)  Which is not necessarily the cultural experience I thought I’d be having, but considering the significant South Asian populations in East Africa (culturally […]

2 Month Recap.

It’s fair to say that I came to Uganda understanding very little, or rather knowing very little, about Africa at all.  I applied and took this internship based on the revival of an old dream of working in development (rooted in the immigration process and a need to understand my own heritage), the opportunity to […]

Walking into Spiderwebs…

Apparently I needed an escape from my escape from life. After being bombarded with work on Friday (a good thing – all fun and interesting work), some mediocre Indian-Chinese food, and miraculously uneventful milkshakes with the family, some friends and I awoke well before dawn for an island adventure. Still nursing a nasty cold and […]