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Even though I’…

Even though I’ve been back in Ohio for a month, and even though I’m now neck deep in law-school work (new clients! new projects! classwork! and a permanent job search!), I still miss Uganda like a heartache, the way I missed London (and still do, in many ways).  I still feel like there’s some things […]

Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera

The more time I spend in Uganda, adapting to Ugandan culture, the more I think about India, and what exactly it means to be an Indian-American expat (as opposed to American Indian?)  Which is not necessarily the cultural experience I thought I’d be having, but considering the significant South Asian populations in East Africa (culturally […]

2 Month Recap.

It’s fair to say that I came to Uganda understanding very little, or rather knowing very little, about Africa at all.  I applied and took this internship based on the revival of an old dream of working in development (rooted in the immigration process and a need to understand my own heritage), the opportunity to […]

in and around KLA.

Libya in Kampala

In an effort to try and see more of Kampala, I went to visit the Muammar Gaddafi National Mosque in Old Kampala after work. It was as opulent and beautiful as it was ironic. Majestic, no doubt, but it’s a weird thought, admiring the manifestation of Idi Amin’s dream, made possible by Muammar Gaddafi’s money.  […]

I give you my heart.

Just because I’m the lame friend among our group of interns here doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Kampala’s truly excellent nightlife from time to time.  Above is Kampala, as seen from our director’s home in Mbuya.  On a clear day, you can see all the way to Lake Victoria.  Sooo… what do I need to […]


During our lunch break yesterday, some co-workers and I stopped by one of the Watoto orphanages.  One my fellow interns knew a volunteer there, who invited him to visit and to learn more about volunteering with them.  We visited their baby hospital in the center of town, where they keep mostly children under 2, many […]