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Murchison Falls

This weekend, after 3 months in Uganda, I FINALLY went for a game drive (slash safari) up in Murchison Falls national park.  No lions (or any cats), but plenty of other animals were spotted, and I enjoyed hiking a number of truly impressive waterfalls– even to a self-proclaimed waterfall snob raised on semi-annual pilgrimages to […]

Walking into Spiderwebs…

Apparently I needed an escape from my escape from life. After being bombarded with work on Friday (a good thing – all fun and interesting work), some mediocre Indian-Chinese food, and miraculously uneventful milkshakes with the family, some friends and I awoke well before dawn for an island adventure. Still nursing a nasty cold and […]

Fort Portal and Crater Lakes: Stories

A slow, suspicious transformation has, as of this weekend, become complete: I am officially outdoorsy. I promise, I promise that one of these days I’ll talk about my dailies, my internship, living in Kampala, but things have reached a comfortable medium where it feels more like, who wants to hear about me staying late at […]

Preview: Fort Portal & Crater Lakes

Re: photography. I spent one rainy Saturday afternoon watching a Hindi thriller, Kahaani, starring Vidya Balan. The glitz and glam of Bollywood tends to overshadow beautifully made films, like this one.  The director, Sujoy Ghosh, employs “guerilla” tactics in filming, which gives the film a very real character, but also captures the pulse of Kolkata, […]

Midsummer but not quite.

One important lesson I learned in primary school (and from watching Pocahontas): when you stick a flag on something and then lay a symbol of your country on it, you have claimed that land in the name of your country! By that measure, I have been colonized in the name of Ghana! Oy.  Today was […]

Hodge Podge

Things are starting to feel more normal, more routine-like.  I have a new boda-boda, Charles.  He’s on time and has awesome sunglasses. New Luganda words: “webale nnyabo” or “webale sebo” to say “thank you very much.”  ‘nnyabo’ is kind of like, “ma’am” and ‘sebo’ like, “sir.” I propose a new rule: that if media outlet […]