[Above: Walking to school in lake effect snow at 7 a.m.  Temperature is 7 degrees F.  Windchill is somewhere below 0 F.  Below: Old-fashioned cash register at Literary in Tremont, trendy (ikea-inspired?) decor at Felice on Larchmere] Its no secret that lawyers are voracious readers.  It’s also no secret that graduate students are prolific procrastinators, […]

Four years ago, in a dark, dirty university cafeteria in London, my friends and I watched excitedly as President Barack Obama was sworn into office. That historic moment was a personal triumph for me, as well as a triumph for this country — it was in fact the first election I had voted in, albeit […]

Recently, I’ve been missing my Uganda host family very much, pulling my thoughts back to Kampala.  The first time I built a life abroad on my own, I was in London.  I mostly brought back mostly stories of tourism, street fashion, and funny anecdotes about my day-to-day.  Because everyone knows what London is, was, and […]

Happy New Year!! And welcome 2013!  I celebrated with my family on Sunday night by throwing a huuuuuuge party, one we’ve been planning for almost a year now.  Oh, and my sister happened to get married too. See how excited she is? She’s supposed to be meditating and praying for her husband’s long life in […]

Happy Wedding Day, Prachi & Shreyas!

What I love most about weddings are the constant reminders of how much love there is in the world. Our house is full of family: 3 aunts, 3 uncles, 2 cousins, 1 grandma, and a whole contingent of our family friends from Canada. Each day, a new group of loved ones arrive and it’s overwhelming […]

Merry Christmas, everyone! Normally, Christmas at my parents’ home is a small affair (I do look forward to mom’s yearly gift of funky knee socks, matching underwear, and dish-washing gloves.) From time to time, we gather our extended family in one place and herd them towards a movie theatre. This takes serious cowboy-like skills, which […]